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Our Stats

"Integrity Above All Else".

We live by and adhere to this core principle in every dimension of our business, relationships, analysis, commentary and project management.  The elements of this acronym are what you can depend on, when and wherever we have the honor to serve your real estate needs.  We recite our motto, at every team meeting  and before every client encounter, in Latin, as a code of honor, Simpliciter super omnia to ground our commitments in ageless enduring values.   And besides, our motto reads well on Tee Shirts, bumper stickers and opening salutations at corporate events!  Besides, “Similis nobis ad vos est nobis” (Try us, you’ll like us”) just didn’t make the grade!

  • 13
    Years of Combined Real Estate Experience
  • 100
    % of Listed to Sold
  • 57
    % of Sales Over Asking Price
  • .023
    Avg. Listing Discount Metrics

Giants Among Men